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  • Australian owned/operated
  • Swiftbet TV
  • Easy sign up/verification
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Promotions
  • No phone betting/live betting
  • Needs more products/tools



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Swiftbet are one of the newer online bookies to pop up and with proper bookmakers behind the website with actual bookmaking experience, they are a must use for punters.

Natalie Hinkley and Anthony Jupp are behind Swiftbet and with their vast experience over a number of years, there is a wide range of ideal betting options and markets for punters.

Why Are Swiftbet Popular?

Both Hinkley and Jupp are two of the more liked and respected bookmakers, not just in Victoria but Australia wide. Jupp has a great personality and has decades of experience in the betting landscape, and the same can be said for Hinkley, and them combined make Swiftbet a very appealing place to bet.

A new bookmaker needs to make some noise, with social media being a major part in doing that. Swiftbet is prolific on Twitter and will post often on markets available, as well as certain promotions on key races, offering enhanced odds on runners that the bookmakers think are a potential risk.

Earlier in the year, former jockey and Sky Racing presenter Libby Hopwood made headlines when going public with her Onlyfans, and with that, she got offers everywhere to promote businesses. Swiftbet jumped on quickly to be the bookmaker that Hopwood promotes and having her at key meets during the Spring Carnival ensured the Swiftbet business getting stronger.

Why We Like Swiftbet

They use the BetMakers technology but both the website and app is sharp in terms of colours and layout. Both are easy to use and navigate, with what you’re finding not taking too much time. The BetMakers set up can be quite mundane at times if you are a prolific punter, but that’s not the case with Swiftbet.

Their promotions focus mainly on greyhound racing, which is totally different from most other bookies, who focus mainly on horse racing. You’ll need to sign up in order to see those promotions, but you won’t be disappointed when you see them because there are a wide range across several meetings.

Some bookmakers somewhat restrict themselves in terms of what odds they provide, but Swiftbet are very good when it comes to Australian horse racing, offering top tote odds on all races, which is outstanding. Some cover that on some meetings, but not all, so that is a tick with them.

Why We Don’t Like Swiftbet

The markets are strong. The problem is there isn’t enough. You can make the case that quality > quantity, but given how long they have been in business, I do think they can expand the sporting markets side of things. They are quite limited on the betting options in certain events.

It is the norm with most bookies, but Swiftbet can restrict punters quite quickly. An example of this is one punter not being allowed to win more than $100 when using bonus bets, and only allowed to use it on win markets, nothing else. They need to loosen the belt in that regard in order to expand their business.

Outside the promotions, it’s a standard online bookie. They don’t offer anything unique in terms of tools and products to try and entice new customers. The promotions are the saving grace, but if they could offer up more in terms of products like other bookies, I think that could help them be more competitive.

6 Reasons To Bet With Swiftbet

1. Promotions

The promotions, especially for greyhound racing, are the best of any bookmaker. Some offer on the first half of selected meetings, but Swiftbet have promotions on all races on certain greyhound meetings, seven days a week, which is outstanding and something that will entice new punters.

2. Customer Service

They don’t have a phone number for customer service, but they have email and live chat as customer service options and the response time is pretty quick, which can’t be said about others, who can take up to 24 hours to respond.

3. Swiftbet TV

Live streaming is an important tool when it comes to new bookies, and it separates the good bookies from the so so bookies. Swiftbet have Swiftbet TV, which has streaming of certain race meetings, which is ideal beacuse you can bet and watch in one place.

4. Easy Sign Up/Verification

You feel like Krusty The Crown sometimes when it comes to signing up and verifying the account, but thankfully it only takes a few minutes to sign up and verify the account, with no drama involved and before you know it, you’re off and gone, ready to bet.

5. Fast Withdrawals

Same day withdrawals are a big tick for bookies and before 4.30pm Sydney time during the week, withdrawals are processed and punters will get their winnings later in the night. Some bookies can take 24-48 hours to process withdrawals, so doing this quickly is a big tick for Swiftbet.

6. Bookmaking Experience

Some of these new bookmakers have no idea really what to do when it comes to starting up a betting website, but with the experience of Hinkley and Jupp, they know what they are doing and put up their own odds, with no copy/pasting from their rivals. Unique and different odds is a positive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bet with Swiftbet?

Read our Swiftbet review to see if you should bet with Swiftbet. We take a comprehensive look at Swiftbet and rank the bookie amongst the other betting sites in Australia.

Do Swiftbet offer any Promo Codes or Bonuses?

To see if you are eligible for any Swiftbet Promo Codes and Bonuses you will need to head to our Swiftbet page to see what is available for you to claim. Bookmakers provide different offers to punters in different states and territories.
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