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  • Past the post payout
  • Protest payout
  • Betstar Card
  • Stack of racing/sports markets
  • No live sports streaming
  • Too much marketing
  • Promotions could be better



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Betstar was one of the original better online bookies many years ago when run by the Eskanders before being purchased by the same company that runs Ladbrokes and Neds, Entain.

That has ensured Betstar to be one of the more prominent betting websites in Australia, with a host of products and tools for punters, to go with their competitive odds.

Why Are Betstar Popular?

Given Entain is behind the website now, what is on offer is similar to that of Ladbrokes and Neds, two of the bigger betting agencies in Australia. That means there are promotions on a daily basis across both racing and sport, with the odds stacking up really well in comparison to other betting agencies.

Horse racing punters will enjoy Betstar given the focus is on that product it seems, based on their home page. It’s pretty much all racing and the ‘quick link’ section of the page shows feature races. There is a next to race section as well, both Australian and overseas, which stands out more than the sporting next to come up section.

They have a stack of options in terms of betting, whether it be same game/race multis, Past The Post/Protest Payours and the big one is the cash out option on multi bets, which is a main factor why some of the big bookies are popular for multi punters. The chance to cash out a bet and not just let it ride is a big tick.

Why We Like Betstar

Like Ladbrokes and Neds, they have an ATM card, the Betstar Card. Some betting agencies take 24-48 hours to process a withdrawal but with the Betstar Card, you can withdraw your winnings straight to that card and withdraw instantly. Punters love to pick up winnings straight away and this is the case with the Betstar Card.

The website was past its used by date before Entain took over and we’ve seen that with what they have done with others, they have modernised the website and it’s very good. Easy and simple to use, and whatever you want to find is only a click away. Very efficient and sharp relative to some other sites.

There are a stack of deposit options available for punters. Some bookies are quite poor when it comes to the amount of options punters can use to deposit and thankfully that isn’t the case with Betstar. They haver ten options for punters to deposit and four options to withdrawal, which is a positive.

Why We Don’t Like Betstar

Live streaming is an important part of betting websites and unfortunately Betstar doesn’t have live streaming of sports. Towards the end of the calendar year, the focus is mainly on sport more so than racing, so no live streaming of sport would be a turn off for punters who could bet and stream elsewhere.

The promotions side of things could be better. While there are a few of them, in terms of actually enticing punters to stay with them via promotions, it’s not exactly A1 and could very much improve. Compared to some of the big bookies like TAB and Sportsbet, Betstar are well and truly behind them.

There is such thing as too much marketing and Betstar fit that criteria. It can be quite annoying the amount of marketing they send to punters, and it can be a turn off. The big boys know what to do. They send out stuff leading into Wednsday and Saturday, but with Betstar, it’s essentially everyday and can be annoying.

6 Reasons To  Bet With Betstar

1. Betstar Card

Only a select handful of onling bookies have the ATM card where you can instantly withdraw winnings and Betstar is in that handful, with their Betstar Card allowing punters to collect winnings instantly and use it as a debit/eftpos card.

2. Payment Options

Some bookies pigeon hole themselves with payment options but Betstar are the opposite. They have up to ten options for punters to deposit, giving all kinds of punters a different way to deposit money into their Betstar account.

3. Past The Post Payout

Some bookies wait until correct weight/all clear to pay out on winning bets, but Betstar payout as soon as they cross the finishing line, allowing punters to get that winnings almost instantly instead of waiting a few minutes for the result to be official.

4. Protest Payout

On selected meetings, Betstar offer Protest payout, where they will pay on the runner that finishes first as they cross the line along with the runner that wins the race bia protest, which is a great tool that entices punters.

5. Easy To Use Website

There are several betting websites that can be quite tricky to sort out and take time to find what you are looking for but Betstar have a pretty simple website, which makes it easy to find whatever it is you are looking for, whether it be racing or sports.

6. Variety Of Sports

The new bookies, especially those that use the BetMakers technology, are quite poor when it comes to betting on sport, but Betstar are quality when it comes to sports betting, offering markets on 35 different kinds of sports, which is lengths better than most of the bookies under the BetMakers banner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bet with Betstar?

Read our Betstar review to see if you should bet with Betstar. We take a comprehensive look at Betstar and rank the bookie amongst the other betting sites in Australia.

Do Betstar offer any Promo Codes or Bonuses?

To see if you are eligible for any Betstar Promo Codes and Bonuses you will need to head to our Betstar page to see what is available for you to claim. Bookmakers provide different offers to punters in different states and territories.
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