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Pros and Cons

  • Strong fixed odds pricing compared to their rivals
  • Future markets
  • Same Game Multis
  • Promotions are quite good
  • Australian owned
  • Sharp website/app layout
  • $50 maximum phone bet
  • Full form not always at the ready
  • Next to race ticker could stand out a bit more



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Booki is one of the lesser known wagering operators in Australia, but what they lack in popularity, they do make up for it with quality and is one to have a try if you are sick and tired of the BetMakers pop up online bookies.

They launched late last year and based on previous experiences, it is a site that should be more well known due to the impressive website they have and what is on offer for punters.

Why Are Booki Popular?

In an industry that gets bigger by the day, punters are always on the look out for the best odds available and when it comes to Booki, despite being relatively well, they are actually the market leaders in certain betting events, whether it be racing or sport, which is a big tick.

They also have a wide range of betting options and markets across both racing and sport, which is something most of the new online wagering operators don’t have. The sports betting side is very strong, with a stack of markets open, not just your standard run of the mill markets.

Why We Like Booki

First and foremost, the website is a big winner. The website is slick, with the font and titles standing out with their black and white, with a tinge of green. They also have an app and it’s also sharp, something that some of the BetMakers wagering operators are seriously lacking.

Another positive for them is providing same game multi as a betting option for sports, and in certain events they have it as a promo offer for punters. That can’t be said about most of the new online bookies, so they are near the front of the pack when it comes to pleasing the appetite of sporting punters.

The customer service is very good. They have phone contact, email and live chat, well as phone betting. The live chat is responded in fast time, the customer service on the phone is good, and that is a positive given most other online bookies don’t have a phone number.

Why We Don’t Like Booki

They do get a tick for the phone betting. But they pretty much lose that tick because the maximum bet they allow with phone betting is $50. On the outside looking in, that seems a pointless exercise when you can bet much higher online.

Whilst their markets are strong, one thing that can improve is the Raceday form. It’s really poor compared to the big boys and girls, with a lack of detail and not much substance to provide punters with enough information. That side of things can improve big time.

The other key negative is no live streaming, whether it be racing or sports. The big bookies have live vision across all codes and it’s a main reason why they are popular because you can bet and watch it at the same time, rather than Booki where you bet but have to go elsewhere to watch.

6 Reasons To Bet With Booki

1. Strong Fixed Odds Racing Prices

They are one of a select few online bookies that are willing to have an opinion on certain runners/races and price accordingly. Most cuddle their prices, but if the traders at Booki don’t like something, or are happy to take it on, they will price that selectedf runner accordingly, offering a great price.

2. Wide Range Of Futures Markets

Most bookies just copy/pass futures markets from the market leaders ie TAB/Sportsbet, but Booki do it a bit different and price certain runners accordingly on current/projected form rather than just copy what others have done. Once again, showing they have an opinion and will bet punters accordingly.

3. Promotions

The promotions they provide are pretty good for a new online wagering operator. Due to legal reasons, they can’t be mentioned here, but a quick few minutes will see you sign up, verified, and you’ll be able to see the promotions, across both racing and sport.

4. Same Game Multis

They are fast becoming the most popular betting option in sport. How often do you see a 4-5 leg same game multi net a healthy five figure return. Some new online bookies don’t provide this betting option but Booki do, and they have it in promotions on certain events.

5. Slick Website/App

Some betting websites are a punish to use, but the Booki website is one of the better ones. Easy to use and navigate, clear layout, good colours and simple to find whatever it is you are looking for. They also have an App which is very similar, and having an App is a big tick compared to most of the new online wagering operators who don’t have an App.

6. Australian Owned

Most punters like their money to stay in Australia and with Booki, that will be the case. They have been Australian owned/operated for some time so with that, they cater for Australian punters, which is a big tick for punters given the landscape is in an interesting position with the POC Tax and what will happen to wagering post Covid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bet with Booki?

Read our Booki review to see if you should bet with Booki. We take a comprehensive look at Booki and rank the bookie amongst the other betting sites in Australia.

Do Booki offer any Promo Codes or Bonuses?

To see if you are eligible for any Booki Promo Codes and Bonuses you will need to head to our Booki page to see what is available for you to claim. Bookmakers provide different offers to punters in different states and territories.
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