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  • Promotions
  • Good website layout
  • 100% Australian owned/operated
  • Wide range of racing markets
  • Competitive odds
  • Sports futures markets could be better overall
  • No live streaming
  • Website can crash



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BetR have made a splash since opening up as a betting website during the Spring Carnival and are continuing to make news heading into the new year.

They have competitive odds compared to their rivals and with their very good promotions, it’s a website that will entice new customers.

Why Are BetR Popular?

The promotions are the easy standout reason why they are popular. During the Spring they had odds of $21 for every horse nominated in the Cox Plate, as well as $101 odds in the Melbourne Cup, along with the Soccer World Cup, NBA/AFL/NRL titles, a sort of promotion which hasn’t been seen anywhere in Australia across the betting landscape, so that’s a big tick.

Once those promotions die down, the betting website is a touch limited, so they need a point of difference to try and entice punters, and they do that with exclusive promotions for punters. While they can’t be displayed here for legal reasons, the offers they provide are very good and certainly enough for punters to stay around.

They are also popular because they have a strong prescence in the social media landscape, as well as the general media. Given they are backed by News Corp, along with heavy hitters behind them including Matt Tripp, they are hitting the public hard with their brand, as well as getting respected form experts to cover not just racing but the key sports as well.

Why We Like BetR

Despite using Betmakers Technology, the website is very good. Clean layout with distinctive colours, whatever you want to look for is just a click away and it isn’t time consuming, unlike some websites where you need a treasure map to find what you want, which can be quite frustrating for punters.

They don’t just focus on Australian and New Zealand racing. Thanks to Betmakers, they have odds and markets available for international races right around the world, from Japan to Europe, as well as North America and South America. No matter what time of the day, there will be a race available to bet on.

They have “Expert Insights” for a host of sports, not just focusing on racing. They have experts covering all the major sports, including the NRL, NBA and NFL, as well as the AFL, along with a weekly show that previews race meetings across Australia for Saturday, which is a great product that separates them from most.

Why We Don’t Like BetR

Whilst the website is good in terms of layout and colours, it can crash and lag often. An example of this is when you click on the promotions section on the website, it automatically logs out, which is an absolute pain. It’s a new site, so there will be always be issues, but that is something that needs to improve.

The customer side of things has got better, but it’s nowhere near the standard of some of the major rivals. Early days, the customer service via phone chat can take up to two hours to get a response, which is waiting time usually reserved for government agencies. Thankfully it has improved but it still needs to be more quick in response time.

Punters like to get their money swiftly when they withdraw from their betting account. BetR is slow when it comes to doing this relative to their bigger rivals like Sportsbet and Ladbrokes. BetR can take up to 3 days to process a withdrawal, and in some cases, they don’t let you know when the withdrawal is approved. Another aspect that needs improvement.

6 Reasons To Bet With BetR

1. Promotions

The promotions died down from the Spring, but they are still more than competitive, and the $21/$101 odds on certain events is something that you’d assume will never be done again from any other bookmaker. That has ensured that BetR will be around for a while to come, especially if they keep enticing punters with promotions like this.

2. 100% Australian

There is a real battle emerging between the TAB and Corporates in terms of those that are overseas owned. BetR is Australian owned/operated so when you are betting with them, your money will stay in Australia and will go towards improving the respective industries.

3. Competitive Odds

They have big hitters and experts behind them. They don’t copy/paste odds from TAB and Sportsbet, which some usually do. BetR have their own prices/odds/markets and they are quite competitive compared to their rivals, enough to entice punters to continue betting with them.

4. Strong Racing Focus

Whilst they do havea a focus on sport, their forte is clearly racing. They have the weekly show that previews the race meeting for Saturday with form experts and analysts, and their promotions for racing is very good, not just horse racing, but greyhound racing as well.

5. Customer Service Options

Whilst the customer service response time can be improved, the tick for them is that they have all three options of customer service, those being live chat, email and phone chat. Some bookies barely have an email as a customer service option so the fact they have all three is encouraging.

6. Payment Options

It’s good to have a wide range of options when it comes to depositing and BetR have plenty. There are several options for depositing for those wanting to bet with BetR, to go with the withdrawal option of bank transfer. The waiting time for a withdrawal needs to improve but the options are solid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bet with Betr?

Read our Betr review to see if you should bet with Betr. We take a comprehensive look at Betr and rank the bookie amongst the other betting sites in Australia.

Do Betr offer any Promo Codes or Bonuses?

To see if you are eligible for any Betr Promo Codes and Bonuses you will need to head to our Betr page to see what is available for you to claim. Bookmakers provide different offers to punters in different states and territories.
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