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  • Customer Service
  • Rapid Multi
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Right Dividend Plus
  • Discord Chat
  • Lack Of Withdrawal Options
  • Racing Markets Could Be Better
  • No Streaming



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BetRight is one of many wagering operators that have gone online and if sports betting is for you, then this is a website that should be checked out to see what they provide.

Down below is a comprehensive review of BetRight as in why they are popular, why they are well liked and what they can improve on.

Why Are BetRight Popular

One feature that is popular with punters is the ‘Rapid Multi’ which is on the left hand menu of the website. When that is clicked, you’ll be able to see a wide range of markets, those that have been popular with other punters, which can be easily formed into a multi if you fancy a flutter, which is a tool that most other bookies don’t have.

Some of these new bookies don’t bother with an app and are just content with the website. BetRight are the complete opposite. They have put a lot of time and effort into setting it up and the format of the app is quite sharp and better than most betting apps I’ve come across.

The promotions stack up okay compared to their newer rivals. They offer a wide range across racing and sports, with one standout being those $1.90 lines for the NRL. All the other promotions can be seen when signing up and logging in, which is an easy process, with the verification taking next to no time.

Why We Like BetRight

Given their expertise is sport, it’s safe to say that their sporting markets are impressive. They cover a stack of sports, both locally and internationally, but what I like is the amount of markets they have on certain sports, a good example being an NRL game. Most of these new websites and wagering operators can have anywhere between 3-30 markets on the game, but BetRight has up to 59 markets.

A massive tick for them is the prices they have on offer for the sports. Majority of these new online bookies, they like to cuddle the odds on certain markets. BetRight are just about leading the way when it comes to line betting, with again, the NRL being an example. They are offering $1.90 lines for the games, whereas some are offering as short as $1.85, which is really poor, so BetRight get a definite pass.

The website seems to be more suited to younger punters. They have a BetRight discord chat, which allows punters to talk about their bets, the sick beats, life in general and it’s a good read if you have a spare few minutes. It’s a good way to stay up to date with BetRight and what is coming up.

Why We Don’t Like BetRight

The promotions are okay, but in order to be much better and compare up nicely with the bigger bookies, they need to expand their promotions and cover more racing and sports. As it stands, what they offer is okay, but compared to some of the big boys like TAB and Sportsbet, they are quite thin. In order to entice new customers, this side of things needs to improve.

They don’t have live streaming for both racing and sport. Being able to bet and watch at the same website/app and not having to flick through from one to the other is a big advantage, so BetRight not having that is disappointing and that would be a factor as to why punters wouldn’t want to bet with them given how important that can be.

The lack of withdrawal options is disappointing. Whilst the Withdrawal times are pretty good, the fact that there is only one option to withdraw, Bank Transfer, is disappointing. They aren’t a major bookie, but still, only having one option is pretty poor. Surely they could add more given they have several options to deposit.

6 Reasons To Bet With BetRight

1. Right Dividend Plus

This is something very few bookies have available. BetRight are offering ‘Right Dividend Plus’ regarded as the best price available anyway, which is the odds of either the Best Tote or SP, whichever is the big price, with a 5% addition to that price, which is something that hardly any of the big bookies have, apart from TopSport.

2. Fast Withdrawals

Whilst they only have one way for punters to withdraw, the waiting time for it to be processed and then hitting the bank account is very good. Some other leading bookmakers can take up to several business days for withdrawals to be processed so while we’d like to see more options for punters to withdraw, the saving grace is the waiting time is just about market leader.

3. Wide Range Of Sporting Markets

The racing side of things could slightly improve but what doesn’t need to improve is their sporting markets. It’s very good relative to their rivals, having a wide range of markets available across a number of sports, and not just the main sports. Giving punters plenty of options is a big tick.

4. Good Website/App

Having a good website/app is important for a bookie starting up and growing a business. Being a bookie is all well and good but without a decent website/app, there is point. Thankfully, BetRight have a good website and app, with an easy to use navigation and the layout with the colours and font is very good.

5. Customer Service

Their customer service experience is very good. They have all options available, with live chat, email and phone at the ready for punters to fire in questions. Some new bookies only have one option for customer service and are quite poor in that regard so if you are unsure as to what to do, their customer service is good.

6. Phone Betting

Live betting is a big tick for a bookmaker and Betright have that available. Live betting on sport has become very popular in recent years and some of the leading bookies have it, so Betright having it in their stable is a definite positive, whereas the vast majority of bookmakers don’t have that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bet with BetRight?

Read our BetRight review to see if you should bet with BetRight. We take a comprehensive look at BetRight and rank the bookie amongst the other betting sites in Australia.

Do BetRight offer any Promo Codes or Bonuses?

To see if you are eligible for any BetRight Promo Codes and Bonuses you will need to head to our BetRight page to see what is available for you to claim. Bookmakers provide different offers to punters in different states and territories.
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