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  • Live Streaming
  • Bet365 Mastercard
  • Stack of deposit/withdrawal options
  • Easy sign up/verification
  • Early Odds
  • Restrict accounts
  • Racing coverage is limited
  • Lack of promotions



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Bet365 is regarded as one of the most powerful and one of the best wagering operators in the world and that is certainly the case when it comes to betting in Australia.

The Australian branch of Bet365 launched over a decade ago and has fast become one of the most popular websites for both racing and sport, with great odds and usually are first up with fixed odds across most of the race meetings in Australia.

Why Are Bet365 Popular?

First and foremost, the website is one of the best in the business. It’s a very simple website that is quite easy to navigate, with all sports and racing easy to access on the left hand side of the home page, along with upcoming races and sporting events available to see and bet on quickly.

Live streaming is an important part of the punters experience, and Bet365, comfortably, lead the way. They have access to all international race meetings, and with sports, you can either watch the event live, or keep track with live scores/updates, which is head and shoulders above the rest.

They lead the way in terms of putting up fixed odds on racing markets. With that, it ensures there is great value to be had if you have a keen eye and can spot value with certain runners, which is more often than not the case with Bet365. Some betting agencies wait til the day/night before to put odds up but that is not the case with Bet365.

Why We Like Bet365

There is plenty of info around online for Bet365 and it’s enough to say they are the most trusted betting website in the world. They have more customers than any other betting agency in the world and cater to all types of punters, whether you are a novice or a professional.

Some betting agencies are limited when it comes to depositing options but that is certainly not the case with Bet365. They have over a dozen options to choose from when it comes to depositing, which follows an easy sign/verification process, which only takes a few minutes.

One of the great attractions to Bet365 is the Bet365 Mastercard, where you can withdraw your winnings to the card and withdraw from an ATM straight away. Limited betting agencies have withdrawal cards so it’s a big tick for Bet365 to have that available. Massive tick.

Why We Don’t Like Bet365

As good as Bet365 are, they are very quick to restrict winning betting accounts. Unfortunately, that is the norm with the vast majority of wagering operators, but Bet365 were one of the first to do it, quite quickly with some punters, so it doesn’t entice new punters with a great deal of confidence.

Whilst their racing odds are very good, the focus from a website perspective isn’t too flash. The focus is mainly on sports betting, so for sports punters, it’s perfect, but racing punters would find it difficult to use Bet365 as their #1 betting website. That side of things can be improved.

The promotions side of things can be better. For example, Sportsbet provide bonus back offers on all races for certain meetings. Bet365 only provide bonus back offers on only a couple of races, and it’s not exactly enticing for punters that like to bet with a bonus assurance.

6 Reasons To Bet With Bet365

1. Live Streaming

The Live Streaming side of things is the best available. All international race meetings are covered with streaming, and with all sports, you can either watch it live, or stay up to date with live scores. That side of things is as far better than any other bookie in Australia.

2. Bet365 Mastercard

Punters love to pick up winnings quickly. Some bookies can take a couple of days to process a withdrawal but with the Bet365 Mastercard, you can get your winnings instantly, and it can be used as a debit card to buy goods and services, so it’s a great asset they have compared to most.

3. Early Odds

Finding value is key for punters with racing and Bet365 usually have markets up earlier than any other wagering operator, and with that, there is value to be found, which is what punters like, instead of other bookies that like to cuddle the odds and wait and see what others will do.

4. Customer Service

They have all three of live chat, email and phone available for customer service. The email side of things could be improved re response time, but live chat and phone contact is usually pretty quick and those who are available to help do know what they are talking about.

5. Live Phone Betting

One of the best ways to bet is in play/live. Majority of bookies don’t have this available but Bet365 have that across all sports and they offer some of the best odds available compared to their rivals. They will take a big bet as well and the response time is usually pretty quick.

6. Deposit Options

Some bookies are very limited when it comes to options to deposit. That is not the case with Bet365, who have a wide range of options to use. They have several options as well for withdrawals, so that is a big tick for them compared to some of their bigger rivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bet with Bet365?

Read our Bet365 review to see if you should bet with Bet365. We take a comprehensive look at Bet365 and rank the bookie amongst the other betting sites in Australia.

Do Bet365 offer any Promo Codes or Bonuses?

To see if you are eligible for any Bet365 Promo Codes and Bonuses you will need to head to our Bet365 page to see what is available for you to claim. Bookmakers provide different offers to punters in different states and territories.
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